Hot Stone Cooking

8 oz Fillet Steak  34.95

8 oz Rump  16.50

10 oz Ribeye 29.95

Marinated Salmon & Vegetable Skewer  18.50

Halloumi & Vegetable Skewer  12.95

King Prawns  £17.50


It is not possible for us to ever guarantee that any product is 100% free from any allergen. Our GF dishes don’t contain Gluten ingredients but we can never guarantee that there is no risk of cross contamination. Our kitchen handles all 14 Allergens including nuts and Gluten. Unfortunately we are not able to cook GF dishes in a different oven or fryer to Gluten containing products and whilst we try, we cannot wholly guarantee the use of separate utensils.

There is a risk associated with eating raw fish or raw animal protein. Please ensure Salmon is fully cooked before eating. Please don’t touch the stone, it sizzles for a very good reason. The lava stone is heated to a very high temperature & stays hot for 45 minutes. Parents or guardians must be responsible for any customer under the age of 18.


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